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Accounts Receivable

Invoice your customers, create aging reports, print monthly statements or reminders.


Accounts Payable

Enter invoices from vendors, pay bills, create cash requirements reports, 1099 reporting.

Full Accounting Services


Cash Management

Bank reconciliations, cash flow projections, manage debit transactions.


Accounting Solutions

Remote controllership; internal controls; set-up checks and balance procedures; chart of account set-up; training; sales tax returns; customized reports and graphs for sales, expenses, trends, etc.

Payroll Processing


Payroll Services

- Employee payroll checks


- Quarterly payroll tax reporting (federal and state)


- Annual payroll tax reporting (federal and state)


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Cost-Saving Services


Alarcon & Associates seeks to alleviate you from the expenses associated with an in-house bookkeeper / accountant, such as payroll taxes, workers' compensation, hiring/training cost or overhead, by adapting to your specific bookkeeping / accounting needs.


We can assist you with bookkeeping, full accounting services, payroll processing, prevailing wage requirements, income tax returns, job-costing analysis, as well as QuickBooks (and other) software. 

Furthermore, we also provide prevailing wage consultation, income tax returns, job-costing analysis, as well as QuickBooks assistance.


  • Prevailing Wage - Assistance on projects with prevailing wage requirements: Certified payroll reports, communicate with the Unions, Das-140, Das-142, and weekly/monthly reporting.


  • Income Tax Services

    • Corporate

    • Personal tax returns


  • Job Costing - Set-up customers and jobs for job-costing, record costs by job, create reports for work in process


  • QuickBooks services

Benefits of an external accounting / bookkeeping service include:    


-    Freeing up resources 

-    Improving efficiency

-    Avoiding costly mistakes

-    Saving on labor and training costs

-    Getting access to specialized skills

-    Keeping up with complex regulations

-    Reducing operating costs

-    Avoiding costs associated with technology and software

-    Networking with other businesses