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At Alarcon & Associates, we see every client relationship as a true partnership designed to help you and your business thrive. Our team is uniquely suited to help you fulfill on the goals and growth that you set out through the guidance we provide. We will help support your existing personal and business finances while preparing you for continued and future success.


Alarcon & Associates serves individuals, entrepreneurial clients and established businesses (including but not limited to LLCs, partnerships, corporations & sole proprietors).  We seek to focus on the specific needs of each client to find customized solutions. Our team is excellently trained, highly experienced, and extraordinarily dedicated



We pose a cost-effective alternative to an in-house bookkeeper / accountant. In addition to bookkeeping and accounting, our services range from payroll processing and income tax returns to job-costing analysis and QuickBooks assistance. Moreover, our team is current with changes in state and federal tax laws.



We work with a variety of businesses in the Los Angeles / Long Beach area and Corona from non-profit organizations to small business to corporations. Our goal is to find customized solutions for your individual requirements. We offer a free consultation to assess your financial situation and introduce our services to you!

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