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“About 8 years ago I selected Marlyn as a candidate for the controllership of my company, at $2M, a network engineering company with a decent growth rate. We are now at about $10M and still growing. One of her references said that I will never regret hiring her: That reference was right. Marlyn and I have worked together on creating a financial infrastructure that will support significant growth. During this period of time we struggled with a weak economy that postponed that growth and caused new challenges weekly. Marlyn & her expanding are strong enough to take on the difficult and able enough to take advantage of the opportunities. They are a pleasure to work with and I support them and their other clients. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.”

Joel Rakow, Ed. D. President, Ollivier Corporation.

“Before working with Marlyn, my office was a total disaster. We lost all of our data when our computer crashed. She came in and helped me re-build our data base from the prior year. She has been a savior to my husband and I. Quite honestly, I don't know what I would of without her. Working with Marlyn has given us a chance to concentrate more on the important things like building our business.”

Katherine Pape, President, Artesia Ice.

Marlyn Alarcon has been a lifesaver for my business accounting challenges.  I am able to focus my attention on what I enjoy, the plumbing repairs part of my business.  I can confidently trust Marlyn to handle the numbers and accounting reports.  I like how she plans ahead for taxes and keeps her scheduled appointments.  I would recommend her for any business needing accounting or business support.  She is very patient, helpful, organized and follows through with her jobs, a big help to my business.


C.A. Robinett, Plumbing Inc.

Before having Marlyn as my accountant I did it all by myself and was in trouble with the IRS. When I met Marlyn, she gave me strategies to apply to the real world including how to work with contractors & subcontractors, what paperwork I need, personal finances and more.  Since hiring Marlyn and her team, everything is great with the IRS and my personal accounts. I can rest and have peace knowing that I can do what I know best, build houses, and Marlyn & Associates will help me with all of the rest.


Yulman Mejia, CEO, Golden Point Construction.

“I hired Alarcon & Associates to do my accounting which has helped give me the ability to concentrate on growing other parts of my business. They’re helping me figure out better budgets & management and its taken away my stress .


Pilar Castañeda, CEO, Cafe Santo.

“My experience has been great and I'm very grateful. I had the opportunity to work with Alarcon & Associates and they have explained what I needed to know. Marlyn has helped me in a very professional way and I'm very happy and grateful. I'm not uncertain about the things that I'm doing, I have clarity, and I'm up to date with my business and personal taxes.”


Marlon Minchez, CEO, Minchez Construction Inc.

“This accounting firm is the most professional ones I've dealt with. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for someone to assist them with their bookkeeping.  Ariza Global Foods its been on business since 1970 and I'm glad to have Alarcon and associates on this days she will save tons of money back on a days thanks. Marlyn”


Jorge Barillas, Owner, Ariza Global Foods Inc.

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