Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

    We help ensure your business can grow year over year by providing the following services:


    Cash Management

    -Bank reconciliations

    -Cash flow projections

    -Manage debit transactions


    Accounting Solutions

    -Remote controllership                                                -Customized reports

    -Internal controls                                                         -Graphs for sales

    -Set-up checks and balance procedures                      -Expenses

    -Chart of account set-up                                             -Trends

    -Training And more


    Prevailing Wage

    -Assistance on projects with prevailing wage requirements

    -Certified payroll reports

    -Communicate with the Unions



    -And weekly/monthly reporting



    Job Costing

    -Set-up customers and jobs for job-costing

    -Record costs by job

    -Create reports for work in process


    We will help you take care of your business so it runs as smoothly as possible. Our bookkeeping services include:


    Accounts Receivable

    These are payments that your company receives from your customers once they have purchased goods & services.


    Our services include:

    -Invoice your customers

    -Create aging reports

    -Print monthly statements and/or reminders


    Accounts Payable

    This is money owed by your business to your suppliers or vendors and shown as a liability on your company's balance sheet.


    Our services include:

    -Enter invoices from vendors

    -Pay bills

    -Create cash requirements reports

    -1099 reporting


    To ensure that your employees are taken care of, we offer the following services:


    Payroll Services

    - Employee payroll checks

    - Quarterly payroll tax reporting (federal and state)

    - Annual payroll tax reporting (federal and state)


    We ensure that your business stays protected and in compliance as it grows. Our services include:


    Income Tax Services

    -Corporate tax returns

    -Personal tax returns

    -Audit Representation

We Can Help With Your Taxes 
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Cost-Saving Services


Alarcon & Associates seeks to alleviate you from the expenses associated with an in-house bookkeeper / accountant, such as payroll taxes, workers' compensation, hiring/training cost or overhead, by adapting to your specific bookkeeping / accounting needs.


We can assist you with bookkeeping, full accounting services, payroll processing, prevailing wage requirements, income tax returns, job-costing analysis, as well as QuickBooks (and other) software. 

Benefits of an external accounting / bookkeeping service include:    


-    Freeing up resources 

-    Improving efficiency

-    Avoiding costly mistakes

-    Saving on labor and training costs

-    Getting access to specialized skills

-    Keeping up with complex regulations

-    Reducing operating costs

-    Avoiding costs associated with technology and software

-    Networking with other businesses

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